Intuitive freebirth accompaniment

Welcome you wonderful pregnant goddess!

Do you wish for an accompanied home birth, but don't want a midwife?
Is a freebirth calling you, but you don't dare to do it (yet)?

My name is Keya Stern, I gave birth to my second child alone at home and I am an intuitive birth companion for freebirths (free doula).
I accompany on site, by phone and also online via Zoom.

It fills me with joy to accompany you and your baby on your unique
path. I want to encourage you to follow your inner voice, to trust
your power and I hold you the space for you to be fully with yourself and your baby.

Every pregnancy and birth is unique and magical in its own way and full
of miracles.

There is no good or bad, no right or wrong – there is only you, your child
and your path together.

I am happy to accompany you on this journey and to be a part of your

Please note: I as a freelance doula accompany you emotionally and physically.
I have no medical training and do not perform any of these functions. Nor do I have any other medical expertise with which I can assess the dangers before, during or after birth or react accordingly. I do not replace a doctor or midwife.
My guides are your and my intuition.

Soul song, the song of the incarnating soul

Each soul has its own song, its unique vibration, its unique gifts that it brings into this life. Singing to the soul welcomes it warmly and eases its way into this incarnation.

I am grateful for every soul that I may sing to and also accompany this way.

֍ from heart to heart ֎ from soul to soul ֎

With love