Doula – Intuitive birth companion

Do you wish for...
...a continuous support? be strengthened in your core trust and your natural power? experience your pregnancy and birth as wonderful and magical?
...the comfort of being able to surrender yourself completely to giving birth?
...a self-determined birth?
...a home birth, but your home is not suitable for it? give birth alone with women who hold the space for you?

My intention is to strengthen you in your natural power and primal trust, so that you are in harmony with nature and yourself, make self-determined decisions in every situation and feel cared for and safe during the entire time.

If you desire a home birth, but your home does not feel right for you, I offer my ceremony room to you.

If you are thinking about birthing your child alone and without medical support, need companionship on your path to decision, and want women to hold your space while you give birth, please feel free to contact me.

֍ from heart to heart ֎ from soul to soul ֎

With love